Is Regular Maintenance Essential For An Air Conditioner? Read This!

Maintenance of Ac

Most of you spend so much of money and buy air conditioners that are best in the market. You look for all the comfort and safety features, energy ratings, etc. and choose the flawless one. But what do you do after that? You install it and then forget about it most of the times. It’s a big mistake from your part!

Air conditioners have to be maintained regularly. Simple things like cleaning the filters can be done on your own, while the service of a trained professional like Mark Mason is required for more complicated tasks such as examining the electrical connections and motors, cleaning the moving parts and coils, etc. Complete maintenance of the unit by a trained professional is a must at least once in a year.

Websites such as have a long list of professionals in this area. But you cannot randomly choose one! Right maintenance requires expertise, so you should only pick someone with many years of experience in AC servicing and maintenance.

Is it ok if the maintenance is skipped a year or two?

This is a common thought which many of you may have. The answer is ‘No, you should not skip it!’. Regular maintenance is not a luxury but a necessity for your AC. Skipping it once increases the chances for skipping in future as well which may cause issues piling up and ultimately lead to breaking down of the unit. So, it is better not to skip it to prevent issues in the long run.

The following are the merits which you can enjoy if your AC is regularly maintained.

Better reliability

An Air conditioner which is not serviced regularly may land you in trouble by breaking down at any time. But when service is done, technicians would locate the issue areas if any and would do the needful to prevent further issues. So, if you have a service done in spring, you can welcome summer without any worries. You won’t have to make urgent calls for repair!

Enhanced energy efficiency

As AC continues to work, there are chances for wear and tear in the components. More strain on the components would force them to draw more power which will increase the electricity bills considerably. Regular service helps in getting rid of the strain in the components and hence better energy efficiency.

Longer lifespan of the unit

An AC should ideally last for ten to fifteen years. But this would never be possible if professional servicing is not done regularly. So, make it a point to get it done if you want best returns on your basic investment

No costly repairs

Timely inspections can prevent most of the repairs that an AC may need in its lifetime. So, if an expert technician is doing the annual maintenance of your AC, you need not have to spend large amounts of money for repair purposes.

There are experts who provide excellent service at affordable rates. So why to say no to these many benefits? Try servicing at regular intervals; you will be surprised by the difference in performance!