5 Ways On How To Quit Smoking Weed

Now that you or someone you care about has braved weed addiction deciding to quit smoking weed, here are 5 ways to start with. For more information on this rather sensitive topic, you can use this resource https://howtoquitsmokingweed.info/. There are also other materials that have been put together by experts in this sector, just to ty and help those battling with smoking weed and some of these can be found on this link – http://www.lung.org/stop-smoking/i-want-to-quit/how-to-quit-smoking.html
1. Cold Turkey Method
Saying no to weed completely is what cold turkey method means. Reducing the intake of weed slowly till the day you no longer smoke is how it works. For people who haven’t smoked for a long time, this method can be easy to follow.
For the ones who have been smoking at regular intervals, the elements of weed continue to exist in the body keeping it weak and bringing out the urge. For those people, cold turkey method may not work.
2. Rehab for heavy addiction
For heavy addiction cases, the following the recovery plans used by rehab centers can be ideal. It takes time for people to get adjusted to these plans. Patients may have to stay anywhere between 1 month to 3 months to recover completely.
The rehab centers take care of the patient by planning a recovery based on their physical, mental, and emotional state when they are admitted. They run a detoxification program for to cleanse the elements of the drug from the patient’s system.
The journey of de-addiction becomes easier with the support of inmates and therapists, to understand your problem, and overcome it. After leaving the rehab, there are follow-up sessions for patients to refrain themselves from turning back to the substance.
3. Counseling sessions
Having someone to talk to openly in a less intimidating setting can help weed smokers quit. The unconditional support of family and friends is also needed to help the patient to feel less depressed and wanting to live a better life.
Psychiatrists or drug counseling specialists are aware of the tricks and the mental condition of an addict. After trying to understand how they got into it and why they want it so much, they help the addicted person with positive communication.
Some of these medical doctors can be expensive and need the patient to strictly follow their charted recovery path.
4. Take a break
Taking a vacation or moving to a place away from the fellow smokers can also help weed addicts to quit smoking. A new place with new friends can replenish the life of the addicted person with new enriching life experiences.
Visiting a new destination that they wanted to explore, or going to grandparents’ house whom they love, can divert their mind to good things and good people in their life. A desire to hold on to this good life and a realization of how they were missing it can be helpful.
Additionally, the person should eat healthy food and drink lots of water to come back to a healthy lifestyle.
5. Start fresh with a new activity
Shifting the addiction from weed to another healthy one can also be a method to tackle addiction. Taking up a sport or a hobby that will keep them occupied can work.
Running, sailing or some adventure sports can give them a new thrill. Swimming, reading, learning music, or something else that is productive, can become their new hobby. This will shift their mind to getting better in the chosen activity instead of following their urge.
A change in routine with addiction to a healthy lifestyle will work towards the addicted person’s transformation.