7 Trends Of Mobile App Development That Will Benefit You

7 Trends Of Mobile App Development

A billion mobile phone users and nearly 180 billion mobile apps downloaded in a year. This staggering number clearly indicates the rise of digital media and the presence of apps for every industry. When you download lucky patcher apk v6.5.3, you take the gaming experience to a new level. www.pcmag.com lists the top smartphones that you can buy this year, while here’s a roundup of the 7 trends that have this billion-dollar industry richer.

Wearable Gadgets
Fitbit Charge 2, Apple Watch Series 2, Garmin Vivosmart HR and Fitbit Alta HR has altered the way the world looks at fashion. These prominent gadgets can be worn on the body like a fitness tracker or a display device, and they communicate with smartphones intelligently. This has paved the way for vendors and app developers while a new generation lies in front of you, waiting to be guided by these gadgets.

These devices can be programmed to function smartly through Internet of Things. It is not a science fiction story when you hear about a watch alerting you to lock the doors of your house.

Internet of Things

Imagine a billion connected gadgets like a LED bulb, medical devices, electronic devices, toys and automobiles. These intelligent objects are part of a huge revolution called Internet of Things that has kicked up a storm. Your smartphone or tablet will collaborate with these objects through an intermediate app.

Your mobile phone will display information and remind you to pay the electricity bill or order daily household items. This giant network uses Thingsquare Mist and RFID technologies to enable communication. Next, under the leadership of Google, has come up with automated products for the home. This includes the likes of a smoke alarm, thermostat and a camera.

Recently, Apple saw the release of Home kit that supported wireless control of household products like a thermostat and air cooler. Voice-based apps like Siri can control the entire house.

The increasing use of mobile wallets and apps has set off a trend called m-commerce or mobile commerce. You can make use of a Google Wallet to complete your transactions without the need of a debit or credit card. When combined with wearable gadgets, the way payments are processed will take a new course and build an exciting future.

These smart gadgets will move further from the predictive analysis and play a major role in building a relationship with the customers.

Location-Sensing Devices
Providing the details of the whereabouts of an individual is useful for several reasons. Location-based services are used in navigation and games, while motion sensing is used to provide security. With recent technologies like a beacon and Wi-Fi, you open the doors for highly personalized information and services.

Rich UI/UX Experience
Attractive designs, rich layouts and interfaces are needed for a pleasant browsing experience. Through augmented reality, you can “talk” to the content in detail.

Application Performance Management
This tool provides you with a sneak into an app’s behavior. They let you know about the devices used, traffic generated and the real-time performance.

Enterprise Mobile Management
EMM showcases the near-future trend where security, financial and application management are rolled into a package for the growth of the business.