Problem Solving Steps in Business

How many errors you have made in your business? Are you able to find the root cause of the problem? Are you looking for solution for your complex problem? Well, Maureen O’Connell Scholastic shares some interesting problem solving steps to help you in coming out of the problem.

Most people lose their creativity when they are pressured with a problem. They would keep thinking about the complexities and fail to think about coming out of it. Problem solving is a simple mental process where you need to think critically and take decisions according to the complexity.

Realize the situation: Instead of blaming others, first realize that you are facing a complex situation. It is basic step to solve the problem.

Stay away from the problem: Give space for your imagination and creativity. Do not keeping thinking the same issue. Ensure to relax yourself by watching movie, going for a walking or resting in a calm place. By this time, you will get a clear mind set and know the real cause of the problem.

Identify the problem: When you think the signs and causes, you can easily identify the problem. Sometimes it is hard to identify when you remain in the same matter but you will identify once you take a break or short nap from the problem.

Look in a new angle: Forget the past and old ideas. Now focus to solve the problem by viewing on a different angle. Write your goals and objectives. Check how the problem has affected your business. Try to think the problem by putting yourself in someone’s shoes. When you think from a different perspective, you will get better clarification and ideas about solving the problem. If possible, discuss with your team members and colleagues. Ask their suggestions and ideas to solve in a simple manner. Guess, by this time you would know how to patch up and keep moving in your business area.