Following Simple Guidelines While Buying White Car Wax

white wax

There are infinite varieties of car waxes and car polishes (though interchangeably both are but the same) available in the market today. All the brands of white car wax are targeted at the niche market as some element that enhances the shine of the cars. explains which type of wax is ideal for your car. Whether or not they enhance the shine, they add on a protective coat onto the car to guard it against damage due to climate, bird droppings, tree saps, and other dirt. Some of the better cars wax not only enhance the shine but also makes the color vivid. Also, they also help in covering up minor imperfections.

Several factors influence the kind of wax that you buy for your car. Here are some of them.
Abrasion: Any car wax that leaves abrasive marks on your car are an absolute no-no, but this holds especially true for dark colors cars wherein, such marks are all the more prominent. So if you have a dark colored car, be doubly sure that your car wax does not leave any abrasion marks.
How old is your car: The age of your car decides how much and how frequently you need to wax it. It is a no brainer to state here that if it is a new car, then it requires comparatively lower maintenance than an older car. Waxing a new car every two months will be more than enough as compared to an old car that may require waxing every week.
Washing cannot replace waxing: Even if you are a regularly waxing your car, the effect that the regular washing with a good car wash will do, cannot be achieved by waxing alone. It is therefore ideal that if you want to keep your car looking prim and proper for long, you will have to both wash and wax.
The extent of plastic parts in your car: Car wax is essentially for the painted parts of your car; they leave residue on the plastic parts that are absolute eye sores. There are several brands of White Car Wax available in the market that is compatible both with painted and plastic parts. Check for this compatibility in case your car has several plastic parts.

Car waxes are available in three types:
Liquid waxes: Though these add lots of gloss to the paint, they are nevertheless difficult to use because they tend to run off. They are also prone to quick drying that makes it using, a little more difficult.
Paste waxes: Though this kind of White Car Wax is easier to use than its liquid counterpart, it does not offer the kind of gloss that liquid car waxes do.
Spray waxes: Spray waxes are only good for the new cars. For cleaning and gloss, they are far lower than its liquid and paste siblings, but it is compatible with plastic. Therefore in case your car is new or has several plastic parts, you can rely on this kind of wax.

Choose the ideal car wax and benefit from the deal. Hope the above tips help you in this endeavor.