Simple And Cost Effective Faxing Solutions –Fax From Gmail

If you thought fax had replaced Gmail, just give it another thought, and it will not be soon before you realize you are wrong. Still, a lot of businesses are using fax to send and receive important documents. Facsimile is also known as Telecopying. The advent of technology has simplified the process of sending and receiving fax without the help of a fax machine. Fax from Gmail has made it convenient for small businesses and startups as they can save on their overheads. Moreover, the investment in hardware is also restricted says

Benefits of Gmail fax
· Gmail fax is a cost saving proposition when compared to using the real fax machine. A traditional fax machine is a hardware investment and adds up to your electricity bill. Moreover, you need to buy a dedicated phone connection for the fax machine to be the function. The purchase of fax rolls on a regular basis and second line toners add up to the overheads. When it comes to online fax all you pay is for the virtual fax number and a free 30-day trial pack to kick start your Gmail fax process.

· Gmail fax is space saving. You need not worry about space to hold your fax machine and papers. Apart from this, you do not need to fix electric sockets and phone jacks to make the traditional fax functional. Your desk will look clean and tidy without the extra space being occupied by a fax machine.
· Forget about investing in an additional phone line for sending and receiving faxes. Now all the transaction can be done using Gmail account.

· Limit your printing, as Gmail gives you an option to print or save as a document. The incoming fax messages can be saved on your disk and retrieved whenever needed. This way you can save on paper and toner. The documents can be printed like traditional fax copies as and when you require.

· The filing process is a lot easier with virtual filing. Save the faxes with specific filenames in the folder, and it becomes easier to retrieve. Moreover, the search option makes it easier to locate a file using the name or contents of the document. Forget about piles of papers as you get the option to create labels and manage them in an organized manner. The documents can be retrieved and printed when required. The information is stored on the disk, and you can back up for safety.

· Schedule a fax irrespective of your availability in the office. The flexibility to access your account from anywhere makes it easier to send and receive fax in a jiffy. There is no need to wait for your fax machine expecting a message. This portability feature has made it convenient for both personal and business communication. Your movement is not restricted as you can receive and send fax while on the move via your phone or laptop.

Forget about traditional fax machines and enter the new age Gmail to fax option and benefit immensely. Whether for business or personal use, Gmail fax has helped improve efficiency and save money.