Why Dating Apps Score A Point Over Dating Sites

dating apps

If you are single and is out on a hunt to find a perfect date, then you would have most probably tried out the dating apps and dating sites to find a perfect match. While both these are good and serves the purpose to a great extent, some points make dating apps get a high score over the dating sites. But still, the recent evolution of famous dating apps like tinder into the desktops as Tinder on PC makes a revolutionising attempt to bring together the advantages of apps on PC’s too, though the using on the move advantage cannot be made on desktops. Recently, the website www.metro.co.uk had published an article about the great possibilities of tinder making a grand entry into websites.

Here are some of the benefits of using dating apps over dating websites:

Only Get To Know Genuine People With Mutual Matches

With the rise in online sexual harassments cases over the years, women nowadays don’t prefer to talk to some total stranger and end up in a mess. Also, more and more women come out complaining about unwanted filthy messages from strangers online, and this has led to much more stricter rules for online dating apps. Thus, nowadays you only receive messages from people you have liked on dating apps. You don’t receive messages from some unwanted stranger trying to stalk you. This makes you feel much safer and comfortable to use dating apps than using dating sites where you receive some spam emails.

Even if you liked a person as he/she seems to look good, but later after conversing with them, you feel they are not good enough, then you could easily unlike them and block the person from sending you any further messages. Thus dating apps score a great point over security, trust and comfort in this, unlike option.

Easier And Quicker

Many of the dating websites keep asking unnecessary questions which will only waste your time. But dating apps are much shorter and quicker. You only need to discuss details and talk with the people you are interested with. Thus dating apps make things easier for its users.

Profiles Are Much More Shorter

Unlike lengthy profiles of dating websites which take up a lot of time to fill up and also to read, the profiles of dating apps are shorter and sweeter. You could easily get a rough idea of the person with their short profiles.

Less Is More

Some dating websites have options to post so many numbers of pictures. But who has time to view such a large number of pictures? Also, it takes away the interesting mystery element of meeting him/her in person as you have seen way too many pictures of the person. But in dating apps, there is only option to post 2 or 3 pictures. You could keep the interesting element intact and meet the person would always feel special.

Thus, dating apps score a point over dating websites in many aspects. Still, some websites are working towards neutralizing these differences and making the websites as good and interesting as apps.